Free Durable Power of Attorney Form
for Finances

Download a Free Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances now. All forms and agreements are ready for immediate download so you can print and start using them today.

Free  Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances, sometimes referred to as “letter of attorney”, is a legal authorization that allows a trusted representative to act on a person’s behalf should they be absent or incapable of making informed judgments for their finances.

One can sign a Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances that refers to one specific type of act such as financial matters.  This type of legal action will allow a person of your choice to handle your financial transactions and make decisions for you in case you are incapacitated.  Elderly people often give Power of Attorney to trusted relatives or friends when they become too forgetful or otherwise incapable of managing their financial affairs.

For instance, Esther had always been a shrewd money manager but by the time she was in her late 80’s she was physically incapable of the activities she used to enjoy.  Her days were spent mainly in front of the television and she began to donate money to charities and buy products she had no use for.  Her son noticed that there were notices from banks piling up on her dining room table and quickly discovered that his mother was no longer managing her money.  After discussing the situation, Esther and her son visited her lawyer and she signed a Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances that allowed her son access to her bank accounts with a provision that his signature was needed on checks as well as credit card authorizations.

In that case, all ended happily as the son had only the welfare of his mother at heart.  However, the elderly are often taken advantage of by friends and relatives who persuade them to sign a Free Durable Power of Attorney form for Finances and then proceed to loot their accounts for their own benefit, leaving the hapless victim destitute.

Most attorneys are their clients’ front line defense in Power of Attorney fraud.  Attorneys are charged with working in their clients’ best interests and if they doubt that their client is capable of understanding what kind of power they are surrendering they cannot ethically complete the process.  That is one reason it is advisable to have an attorney present when arranging a Power of Attorney. 

However, there are many sites on the internet where you can get a Free Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances to complete on your own.  Most forms require one or two witnesses’ signatures as well as those of the grantor and the “agent” they are designating as their representative.  In addition, a witness to the signing is also included; this should be a Notary Public or an attorney in order to validate the form and enable it to hold up in court.

You can download and print a Free Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances now.

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A Free Durable Power of Attorney Form for Finances is of great help to those who travel frequently or are too busy to manage their own finances or other aspects of their lives.  The agent empowered by the document can represent the grantor just as if they were the same person.  The agent can pay bills, manage bank accounts, act in their stead in realty transactions, make trades in the grantor’s broker accounts and many other things that allow the grantor to devote themselves to other things such as a business or personal concern.